Support for parents

Research clearly indicates that parents are the most significant influence in a young person’s life. However, parents themselves may need extra support, especially if they have come to Australia as refugees or have a child with special needs. The Brotherhood aims to assist parents to be active in their children’s development, education and career path.

We focus on helping parents make a positive impact on their child’s life. This can mean finding ways for parents and children to interact and learn more about each other, along with ways for parents to assist in career and education choices.

We offer services through the Frankston High Street Centre, Ecumenical Migration Centre and Connie Benn Centre.

Stronger Families

Our Stronger Families program provides services to refugee families whose relationships are under strain, to help them overcome any problems that arise during settlement in a new country, and build and sustain healthy, happy relationships.

School–Parent Education Engagement Program

The School–Parent Education Engagement Program (SPEEP) is a pilot project that works with families with children in the middle primary school years who may be at risk of disengaging from education.

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