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Brotherhood businesses

A Brotherhood community store open for businessThe Brotherhood runs a diverse range of businesses, or social enterprises, which allow us to raise funds for our programs, provide job seekers with training and a job, offer affordable goods and services to people on low incomes, and establish community connections. 

Our businesses also show our commitment to environmental and social responsibility through encouraging recycling, reducing energy consumption and minimising waste. This includes reconditioning fridges, recycling books and re-using vintage clothing.

Some of our businesses are mainly established to raise capital to support our activities, while other social enterprises are principally set up to offer job seekers employment and training.

Brotherhood businesses include Brotherhood stores, hunter gatherer, Brotherhood Books and Brotherhood Fridges.

Brotherhood stores

Families and bargain hunters can visit one of our 20 stores across Greater Melbourne and purchase low-cost goods while contributing much-needed funds for the Brotherhood's charity work. 

hunter gatherer

Love vintage? You'll adore our hunter gatherer stores! Each hunter gatherer piece is handpicked from the hundreds of thousands of wardrobe items donated each year to the Brotherhood. The two stores, located in Fitzroy and Melbourne City, also sell boutique jewellery by local artisans.

Brotherhood Books 

Visit our online bookstore and browse the range of more than 100,000 second-hand books today. 

Brotherhood Fridges

Donate old or second-hand fridges via our FREE collection service across Greater Melbourne. We'll repair the fridge and sell it through our community stores at an affordable price.
Phone 1300 DONATE (1300 366 283) or book online now.

If you are keen to volunteer with us, we would love to hear from you.

Video tips at our op shops

Do you find op-shopping overwhelming and time consuming?

Watch our new videos, Being prepared before hitting an op shop, how to power op shop and accessorising to rejuvenate an outfit, in which resident stylist and area manager, Ariella Mata, shares her top tips and advice.

Community stores video

Price guide

Have you visited our stores lately? We now have a price guide to ensure that you bag a bargain every time you visit us.

Check out the guide and we hope to see you at one of our 20 stores across Greater Melbourne soon.

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