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Refugees and settlement

About our work

As part of its philosophy of inclusion, the Brotherhood aims to strengthen the capacity of new and emerging communities to participate in the social and economic life of Australia.

Many of our settlement services have been pioneered by the Ecumenical Migration Centre (EMC), which has been working with new arrivals since 1956. Today, the EMC, together with the African Australian Community Centre (AACC), leads the Brotherhood’s work in the areas of refugees, immigration and multiculturalism.

What we do

The Brotherhood works in partnership with communities, government and businesses in order to influence public policy and program development and achieve the social inclusion of our newest arrivals. We assist with settlement of refugees through:

  • services that focus on family, youth, employment, asylum seekers and settling in Australia, as well strengthening communities and their organisations (through complex casework and counselling, community development and organisational support for new and emerging communities)
  • the shaping of responsive service provision (through service development, advice, information, special projects across a range of sectors)
  • influencing public opinion and public policy (through advocacy, policy analysis, advice to government and community education)
  • innovation as a centre of knowledge and experience (through information, consultation and advice, documentation, action research, submissions and publications).

To overview our work in the area of refugees, immigration and multiculturalism, download our brochure.

If you are keen to volunteer with us we'd love to hear from you.

Racial Discrimination Act submission

The Brotherhood of St Laurence has made a submission on the Federal Government's proposed amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act, which we believe would pose additional barriers for the refugee and migrant communities we work with to prove racial discrimination and vilification.

See our submission here.

What Works DVD

Our What Works DVD is available from the Ecumenical Migration Centre (EMC) and can be viewed below. The DVD was created by the Employment Action for Refugees Network, which is supported by the Brotherhood's EMC and Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre.


Upcoming activities

Stronger Relationships trial at EMC

Our Ecumenical Migration Centre has been selected by the Department of Social Services to be a member of the Stronger Relationships trial provider panel.

A couple holding hands

The Stronger Relationships trial aims to help couples build and maintain healthy relationships by providing them with a $200 subsidy for relationship education and counselling.

For more information on Stronger Relationships, and on our upcoming courses Successful RelationshipsSuccessful Marriages and Successful Parenting, email your details to  emc@nullbsl.org.au to be added to our mailing list or phone us on (03) 8412 8700.

Register for your voucher in the meantime so that we can accept your enrolment right away!


 Racism. It Stops With Me campaign

Racism. It Stops With Me is a campaign that invites all Australians to reflect on what they can do to counter racism wherever it happens.

Racism It Stops With Me

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